How to sell ? (Steam)

  1. Register/Sign in
    -Register an account in Pixcomo Mart
    -Sign in into your account

  2. Apply to be seller
    -Click "Seller (shop symbol)" icon to apply become seller
    -You need to fill in your necessary personal information for verification purpose
    -The seller application would normally take 2 working days to process

  3. Create Steam Item
    -In order to create Steam item, first you'll need to connect to Steam

  4. Set Steam Inventory as Public
    -In order for the system to access your Steam inventory, you need to set it as Public
    -Go here to set it as Public

    Enter your Steam Trade Url
    -Enter your Steam Trade Url and click Update (Click here to get your Steam Trade Url)
    -Note: You only need to update your Steam Trade URL for once

    Publish item
    -Click "Seller" icon to upload your games item information such as images, game name, game server, quantity, price and etc
    -Publish your item

  5. Steam Offer Created
    -Steam Offer is created. Click the Trade Offer ID and you will be redirected to "Trade Offer" page

  6. Accept Steam Offer
    -You need to click "Confirm trade contents", then there will have a message pop up, click "Yes, this is a gift"
    -Note: Pixcomo will hold the item of seller, and release the item to buyer once they make the payment

    Confirm Steam Offer
    -You need to confirm the offer using Steam Mobile Application
    -Open Steam Application using your mobile phone, go to "Confirmation", select the offer, and click "Accept"

  7. Manage item
    -Item can be manage and edit by clicking "User Dashboard" icon on homepage, and select "My Store"
    -Click "edit" to edit your item information
    -Click "Retrieve" to get your item back, and click OK to unlist the goods and create a Steam Offer

    Accept Trade
    You need to click "Respond to offer" button, then check the "Ready to trade" button, and finally, click "Accept Trade" to complete the process of getting the item

  8. Manage sales order
    -Sales order can be manage by clicking "User Dashboard" icon on homepage, and select "Sales History"

  9. Receive order
    -You would receive notification from us once your item has been ordered (buyer might contact you regarding their order)

  10. Receive credit balance
    -Credit balance would be transfer from us once buyer has received their goods
    -You need to notify buyer to confirm they have receive goods by clicking button of "Goods Received"