How to sell ?

  1. Register/Sign in
    -Register an account in Pixcomo Mart
    -Sign in into your account

  2. Apply to be seller
    -Click "Seller (shop symbol)" icon to apply become seller
    -You need to fill in your necessary personal information for verification purpose

  3. Publish item
    -Click "Seller" icon to upload your games item information such as images, game name, game server, quantity, price and etc
    -Publish your item

  4. Manage item
    -Item can be manage and edit by clicking "User Dashboard" icon on homepage, and select "My Store"
    -Click "edit" to edit your item information
    -Click "remove" to remove your selling item

  5. Manage sales order
    -Sales order can be manage by clicking "User Dashboard" icon on homepage, and select "Sales History"

  6. Receive order
    -You would receive notification from us once your item has been ordered (buyer might contact you regarding their order)

  7. Transfer goods
    -Contact your buyer to make arrangement on goods transferring process

  8. Receive credit balance
    -Credit balance would be transfer from us once buyer has received their goods
    -You need to notify buyer to confirm they have receive goods by clicking button of "Goods Received"