How to buy ? (Steam)

  1. Register/Sign in
    -Register an account in Pixcomo Mart
    -Sign in into your account

  2. Choose game item
    -Choose your game item

    Enter your Steam Trade Url
    -Enter your Steam Trade Url and click Update (Click here to get your Steam Trade Url)
    -Note: You only need to update your Steam Trade URL for once

    -Click "Buy Now" button to check out your item

  3. Steam Trade Url

  4. Pay Now
    -Pay to purchase your item

  5. Get Item
    -After you click the get item button, a Trade Offer will be sent to your Steam account

  6. Accept Trade
    You need to click "Respond to offer" button, then check the "Ready to trade" button, and finally, click "Accept Trade" to complete the process of getting the item

  7. Confirm goods received
    -You need to click button of "Goods received" once you receive your items